Mathigon'da kariyer fırsatları

Our company and mission

Mathigon is an online learning platform for mathematics. Our goal is to develop the world’s best online maths content, and transform education by making it more interactive, personalised and engaging than ever before. We want everyone to be able to enjoy learning mathematics, and appreciate its beauty and applications.

We call our website the “Textbook of the Future”, but it is so much more than just a book: rather than watching static videos or solving multiple-choice questions, we want students to be able to explore, discover, be creative, learn problem-solving, and gain a deep understanding of mathematics. The content is uniquely interactive and personalised, and filled with real-life applications, colourful illustrations, and engaging storytelling. This video gives an overview!

Mathigon is incorporated in the UK, but our team is remote and you can work from anywhere in the world. Depending on your preference, we also have part-time or freelance positions available. Since our team is so small, we are looking for people who have a wide range of skills, and are excited about learning new ones. Join our new team if you love mathematics and want to have a meaningful impact on education all around the world.

Open positions

Front-End Software Engineer

Mathigon uses TypeScript, NodeJS, Vue, THREE, D3 and React Native. Many of our code libraries are open-source. Rather than writing code in isolation, you will closely work with designers and educators to create delightful, intuitive and meaningful experiences.

We are not particularly concerned with where you went to university – actual experience is much more interesting. Even if none of the positions above match your skills, you are very welcome to contact us with ideas how you could contribute to Mathigon.


Application process

If you are interested in any of the roles above, or if you have other ideas how you could contribute to Mathigon, please email with your CV. Tell us what excites you about the role, your favourite parts of mathematics, and links to any relevant projects you’ve worked on (e.g. videos, blog posts, interactive content, or GitHub repos).

The application process will include one or more video calls over Google Hangouts. We also may ask you to share a short essay or coding sample that explains a mathematical topic in an engaging and interactive way.

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